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If there is a place in the world where traffic is translated into good news, that’s definitely online. When your website experiences traffic, it means you are getting the online visits you have long wanted. However, traffic does not automatically translate into profit, as much as it is something to be giddy about.


Here are quick and steady ways that can streamline a boost in your website’s conversion rate:


Add a Guarantee. Consumers appreciate getting a guarantee for purchases, both prospective and actual. Including a refund policy or a privacy guarantee, for example, reduces uncertainty and allows the customer to put his faith in you, making up for more sales returns.


Testimonials. Feature as many reliable testimonials as possible. Testimonials are proof of your credibility and they reduce consumer anxiety.


Headline. Pay attention to the headline you choose. It says a lot, and more often than not, it is the only thing that people living fast-paced lives read and care about. The catchier the headline, the more chances of capturing your consumers’ attention.


Keep it Simple. If you can include the least number of fields possible, do so. Nobody wants to be burdened with the unnecessary stuff. Keep it simple, neat, and direct-to-the-point, so their visits would be worth their time and yours.


Speaking of being direct, it also helps if you tell the consumers exactly what they are going to get. Lose the hype and keep it as honest as you can be. Most of our internet users no longer fall for propaganda-based writing, because everything is so easy to discover now through the internet.


Respond. Offering live chat or a platform to answer questions gives you a direct opportunity to convince the consumers about what you have to offer. By being responsive, assurance and assistance for your consumers come in handy, securing positive returns on that note.


Short List of Options. Avoid giving your visitors a headache by providing too many options. The shorter the list, the more concrete the decisions. It saves time for both sides, as well!


Discounts. Don’t be afraid to offer discounts upon checkout. Discounts are similar to neon lights — they capture the attention of the consumers in an instant. Make their visits worth it by offering your cheek at the first instance. They’ll come back for more.


Be Visual and Creative. Nobody likes and stays for boring pages. The first thing a visitor sees is the façade of your homepage. Use visuals, though keep it to a good minimum, and show your creativity by bringing your personality or the characteristic of your product in the apparent view.



Keep in mind that what works for most websites, may not work for you. By being guided by these tips, you can explore the method and techniques that work for you. The most essential tip among them all is written underneath: keep working on it. Conversions do not happen in an instant, and the only thing that guarantees success is hard work. Now, work it!

One thought on “Boost Your Website’s Conversion Rate in Quick, Steady Ways

  1. Very useful tips . especially for new bloggers but i am blogging for two years even i found very useful staff here. thanks for sharing

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