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As an old saying goes, “it’s all about the customers”. Better customer experience means better, happier, more positive customer returns.

For most industries, what the customers say about you is the hard-sold truth. It is hard to counter and the market will usually not think twice about believing what customers have to say. That is why most, if not all, marketing strategies are now targeted for customer satisfaction, so as not to risk business appeal or marketability.

Continuous improvement in technology bring more options to customers and provide for wider platforms for their reactions, making it all the more vital for those in the business to aptly respond to the customers’ growing and changing expectations.


LISTEN. Customers like to be heard and it is their very right to. Others have experienced the most unreasonable demands from consumers, but that does not in any way negate the need to respond to them. Remember that hearing the needs of your clients is different from listening. You have to make them feel wanted to be listened to.

The use of more customer feedback options in marketing strategies is of big help and encouraging the customers to be open to relay their experiences also adds up to the appeal.

Setting up more social media accounts and allowing your followers to engage in healthy discussions makes it a two-way marketing strategy that brings in more pleasant customer experiences.

MANAGE. Manage what is served on your table. In a fast-paced society such as ours, the demands are most likely to zoom in from expected to unreasonable, but it remains to be a responsibility. Do not let go of what seems to be unimportant only because resources are constrained. Be able to get out of your own box and figure out ways on how to take charge of the circumstances.

RESPOND. Politely and professionally respond to the demands of your customers and be true to your response. Do not hide away by using technicalities and delaying what could have been said immediately. When a customer is responded to, it makes that person feel important — like he was part of the process all along.

Giving out a response means that you are taking responsibility and that you are recognizing the customers’ part in your own growth. Now that is an experience anyone would love to respect.

MAINTAIN. But of course impressing your clients should not be a one-time deal. Choose to maintain the kind of standards you have set, the tones of your dealings, your etiquette, and your responsiveness — and all these would add up to how credible you are and how much willing you are to move alongside the dynamics of the competition.

The experience of customers rely mainly on how they are treated. Perhaps imbibing the message of the old golden rule proves to be a constant reminder in whatever field you may be in; for in this kind of society, no matter how modern this has become, the way you treat others would always give an image as to how they are supposed to treat you.

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